Jeanette Head


Jeanette Head is currently a senior engineer working for Khan Academy. She can be heard saying controversial things such as "JavaScript isn't that bad" and "I love CSS," both of which are limited expressions of her love of the full-stack web. It's probably the result of Stockholm syndrome from building web applications for several years. Outside of the technical, she snowboards whenever possible, is a beginner ice hockey player, and is an enthusiastic cat mom to kitties Sid and Simba.


I'm an enthusiastic speaker and I especially love giving lightning talks. I've spoken at local events and at various conferences.

Accessibility for Slytherins (Internal - 2021)

A demo of an unaccesible and an accessible webpage.

Denver Startup Week 2019

When your team’s mission is vague (you learn a lot about failure)

Spring One Platform 2018 (co-presented with Hadrien Raffalli)

Escape the Feature Factory with Outcome Oriented Roadmaps

Winter Tech Forum 2018

The difference that an accessible experience can make (lightning talk, not recorded) Demo

Codemash 2015

Deconstructing Single Page Applications

Southeast Michigan JavaScript

  • Intro to Emmet for faster HTML YouTube
  • Ember Data Roller Coaster YouTube
  • Drawing the Performance of your WebApp Slides

Ann Arbor PyLadies

  • Intro to the Agile Development Process
  • How to Refactor
  • Math in Python - numpy and scipy
  • Simple, Functional Python

Michigan Celebration of Women in Computing 2015

  • Panelist: Software Teams in Industry

Girl Develop It Ann Arbor

  • Intro to Python (4 session course)

Side projects

Accessibility Escape Room

Still a work in progress, this escape room will test and challenge your knowledge of accessible web interactions.

Elm Boggle

I made a boggle game in Elm as a learning experience. Check it out! (Word validation breaks whenever the free limit of the third party word checking api is exceeded)

Blog posts

Improving accessibility in Pivotal Tracker

You can find more blog posts by me on Atomic Spin

Here are some of my favorites